Friday, June 12, 2009

We love it on our skin, not our hair

Spraying fragrance on your hair is actually damaging.

 Many perfumes have a high alcohol content, colognes even higher, and if you're spraying them on your hair on a daily basis then your locks will end up brittle and dry. It can also strip hair color faster.  Doing this occasionally won't hurt too much - after all, having a whiff of fragrance as your hair swings about can be quite sexy. For everyday wear, keep it on your body. Key points are your neck, wrists, and behind the ear.  Several perfume makers are now listing the ingredients of their fragrances, but most still are not, so you really have no idea of how much damaging alcohol is in your favourite fragrance. 

We love to smell good, but your scent will actually last longer on your skin.

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