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My really good friend Danni is getting married, Congratulations!

She came over to get her makeup done for her engagement photos, We kept the colors very natural.

(click on photo to enlarge)

Base: Painterly Paint pot from MAC

Highlight: Ricepaper shadow from MAC
Lower lid: woodwinked shadow from MAC
Crease: Texture shadow from MAC
Deep Crease: Smut shadow from MAC

Eye liner: Black track fluid line

Cheeks: Refined Golden Bronzer and Springsheen blush from MAC

Lipstick: Ravishing from MAC
Lip Gloss: Prrr from MAC

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PARIS Fashion Week Recap

I love runway makeup! so creative/artistic.

Louis Vuitton- They did  a lot of shading with a bronzer, the highlight is over exaggerated and there is no color on the eye lid. 

Miu Miu- Pale skin, lower winged lashes, white liner on the water line, pale lips. 

Kris Van Assche- Focused shadow on the inner corner of eyes, contoured down the nose making it look more narrow and pale skin.

John Galliano- We see a little more color with this look, smokey eye where the pink is used as the color right below the brow blending done to the cheekbones.

Alexander McQueen - Pale skin with white highlights, love the hair almost what we did for Melody Ehsani's look book. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

You Gotta love Keeping Up With The Kardashian, they are hilarious I can't wait for the new episodes set to air on November 8th, 2009. 

Anyway, my cousin loves, loves, loves kim, so for her birthday I took a pic of Mrs Kardashian and made her up! Below are the pics for the tutorial. 


apply rubenesque paint pot from MAC over your lid. 


Take naked pigment from MAC and with a flat brush apply it all over your eyelid. 


Take smut eye shadow from MAC and with a 224 brush(MAC) start at the corner of your eye and blend towards the center of your crease.


To soften your eye shadow take a natural brown, Im using brown script from MAC and apply to your crease on top of the smut eye shadow.


Take black track and an angle brush from MAC and apply it over your top eye lid.


-apply graph black eyeliner to your water line. 

-take a pencil brush , a couple swipes into smut eye shadow and follow you lower eye lid, to get the smokey look.


finish it off by applying mascara or eye lashes. 


I lightened her eyes so you can compare the pic to Kims.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amber Rose x Elle Magazine

Friday, October 2, 2009

MAC and Dsquared

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We're blushing

Thank you for all the love! We really appreciate it! 

lady art + you = butterflies in our soul

Jeremy Scott Spring 2010

Hello October!
Hello Halloween!
and Hello Jeremy Scott Spring 2010!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Everyone has been waiting for Melody to launch this collection and it has finally come!  I am so excited that we (azelle and I) were able to be a part of this look book. The final photos came out amazing! Ill get some close ups this week and post them up so you can see makeup and hair close up. purchase new M.E. here

Wedding Hair Ideas

Loving this look for a trendy bride. A loose- low bun. Not the conventional sleek, tight wedding hair. 

Monday, September 28, 2009



Our love & prayers to Philippine victims to donate or find out more information
Any bit of help counts. Typhoon Ondoy has really affected many loved ones

Pasadena Beauty School Forum

Over the past weekend (Sun 9/20-Mon 9/21), I helped Salon Sessions be a part of the Pasadena Beauty School Forum at the Pasadena Convention Center. It was a smaller hair/makeup show, with plenty of educational classes, booths, and stage work. Mostly targeted for beauty school students. 

I remember when I was still in school, I would loooove to go to hair shows and check out other 'cool' stylists, the way they did their hair and makeup, shop for random things, take any class I can and watch stage shows. It is just a very overwhelming experience especially for a beauty school newbie. It was something a lot of students look forward to, a feeling of almost being in the real world and gave you an eye opener of other fields you can be a part of in the beauty industry. i.e. stage work, education, sales consultant, product specialist...

Salon Sessions had a booth with Croc Irons and blowdryer. Which is amazing! Heats up to 400+, has a wet to dry iron and a 1" thin iron to get closer to roots. Our salon also had an educational class hosted by Neeko and some of my peers did a little stage work.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say hello to Laura Dimes

Soooo we finally did it... For a while I have been experimenting with one of my ever evolving- chameleon like client. Mostly with color, and subtly on the cut. Only because she has always had long hair, and for most girls it is a major attachment. And a trim means pretty much "can you just air trim it?" She has mentioned before just to cut it all off but I was super hesitant, I do not want to be the blame that occurs after someone decides to spontaneously go short. It is an emotional rollercoaster. 

So the reason why I decided to cut it all off? Well it has been a little over a year since she has mentioned several times to cut it off, so that tells me she has been "emotionally ready" and has probably been imagining herself with short cuts for a while. And also, it was for her 23rd bday!

I personally think it totally suits her.. a great way to start all over..and can help define your personal identity

Friday, September 25, 2009

Powerful group of girls!


a pic from our trip to vegas for magic/project Nat, Me, Mel, and Ash,  thanks for the photo Ash!

Megan Fox and Plastic Surgery?


Its no doubt that Megan Fox is one of the most gorgeous females on earth, everything about her is just striking! everyone talks about how she has gotten plastic surgery but I don't think she has, I think she just has a great makeup artist who can bring out certain features, look at her photo below and the shading on the sides of her nose, and shading below her cheek bones to make them stand out, that definitely changes the look of her nose which causes everyone to think she has had surgery. You can do wonders with contouring. Check out my video on it here.

Holiday 2009 cosmetic launches



"The Yves Saint Laurent END-OF-YEAR 2009 make-up collection celebrates passionate colors to dazzle the year’s most festive evenings. Leaving glitter behind, Yves Saint Laurent opts for the ultimate chic of pure, vibrant, incandescent colors. From sublime red to deep plum, the shades adapt with variable textures, multiple effects and powerful combinations. Worn alone in a refined monochrome or paired in contrasting duos, they are intensely alive and designed to be freely expressed for an instinctive, ultra couture make-up look."

Glamour Product

As a treat for yourself or as a gift, two precious objects stir desire. They go everywhere, are as eye-catching as couture accessories, and they glorify lips and eyes in an instant. Gold or silver, these sparkling compacts are engraved with the emblematic Yves Saint Laurent heart. Their black vinyl straps slip onto a key ring, handbag or belt. For daytime or night time, for lips or eyes, they feature two harmonious duos for liberated, intuitive application.

Palette Duo Pour Les Lvres ($75)

Illuminates the lips with a shiny rosy-beige lipstick and a pearly champagne gloss ($75)

Palette Duo Pour Les Yeux ($75)

Lights up the eyes with pearly lavender used as a highlighter, and outlines them with intense violet 

Mini Touche Blush N 11 ($28)

The mini version of TOUCHE BLUSH slips into any evening bag. With its soft, faithful puff and mirror, it enhances the face’s voluptuous curves and the décolleté. The new shade N°11 – Sparkling Beige, a slightly scintillating coral beige, gives the skin a subtle ivory aura. A few caressingly soft touches suffice for instant, ultra-feminine radiance.


Rouge Pur Lipstick - N149- Black Tulip N150- Sublime Red 
N151- Sweet Dark Purple N152- Pink Grenadine ($30)

Golden Gloss- N17 Golden Cherry, N18 Golden Lavander ($29)
Eye shadow Duo- N1- Heavenly Beige / Astral Brown ($41)

Dramatic Styling Mascara- N1- Deep Black ($31)

La Laque- N1- Sublime Red and N34- Black Tulip ($20)


Dior Cristal Boreale Collection Holiday 2009

Influenced by the ornate, corseted gowns and decorative broaches of the 18th Century Louis XVI style and inspired by the delicate light-reflecting qualities of crystal, each product in this exquisite color collection is like a tiny jewel. Featuring shades of petal pink, deep silver and a wide range of purples to create a luxurious and festive look for holiday.

Cristal Boreal Gloss Pendant ($80)

In the mid Fifties, inspired by the magnificence of Versailles, Christian Dior asked the Swarovski House to create a crystal that evoked the reflections of the sunlight going through the famous Galerie des Glaces in Versailles. This led to the creation of the Aurore Boréale crystal with its unique multi-colored reflections.

For its 2009 Christmas Look, Christian Dior Parfums has collaborated for the very first time with the Swarovski House to create an exceptional Star Product using the legendary Aurore Boréale crystal : “Cristal Boréal”. The oval pendant, inspired by the shape of the neo-Louis XVI chairs that Christian Dior loved, is adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals of which 4 are Aurore Boréale.
This pendant contains a crystal-effect gloss declined in one easy-to-wear shade: Pink Crystal. A true makeup jewel for precious iridescent lips. Availability: Specialty Stores

Cristal Boreal Silver Eyeshadow ($30)

This jewel-toned eyeshadow feature light-reflecting qualities and subtle colors for a delicate, shimmering effect. Embossed with a “crystal pattern” effect. Cristal Boreal Eyeshadow in Silver Gem.


5 Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in Smoky Crystal #089 ($56)
Style Liner in Sparkling Purple #174 ($34)
Dior Vernis in Silver Purple #782 ($20)
Dior Vernis in Black Sequins #905 ($20)

Cannage Palettes

Dior Couture Silver Cannage Clutch ($70)

This chic reusable clutch is a one-stop shop for all things glam, featuring a DiorBlush in a pretty pink shade, plum gloss, shimmering gold and matte brown eyeshadows and two brushes for easy application. Products can be removed to transform the gun-metal silver cannage outer case into the perfect carryall for a night out on the town. Availability: Sephora

Dior Red Cannage Lip Palette ($40)

This chic red patent palette makes the perfect holiday beauty accessory. Featuring a sheer balm, plum and berry lipstick shades and a light pink gloss, lips go easily (and stylishly) from day to night. Availability: Sephora

Dior Black Cannage Eye Palette ($40)

Create virtually any look—from work-appropriate subtlety to show-stopping party eyes—with this versatile palette. Featuring shades of brown, peach, copper and a must-have gold highlighter in Dior’s silky iridescent eyeshadow formula. Availability: Department Stores & Sephora

Dior Black Cannage Lip Palette ($40)

This festive black patent palette eliminates the need for lugging several lipsticks at once with its sleek packaging and go-anywhere shade range of plum, pinks and beige. Slips easily from work tote to evening clutch. Availability: Department Stores


Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection Holiday 2009

For the holiday season, Bobbi Brown has you covered with a masterpiece of colors and shades in a new, limited edition palette.


White Eye Shadow, Polar Ice Shimmer Wash, Storm Cloud Sparkle, Iron, Thunder Metallic, Moonlight Sparkle, Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash, Foil Metallic, Chrome Metallic, Charcoal Haze.


Pink mist shimmer, Winter Bronze Glitter, Berry Glitter, Chrome Pink Shimmer


Port Lip Color, Chrome Metallic Lip Color, Plum Pearl Metallic


Thursday, September 24, 2009

TODAY go get your dazzle creme.

All you gloss lovers go get it today... These are going to sell out quick, and are limited!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get the look!

RED LIPS... aww you guys all know my LOVE with bright, bright, bright lips! I've seen so many celebrities rock'n the bright red lips so I am going to show you how to do it the right way because you guys dont want those lips to smear right away or look super messy.


Concealer: to nude your lips
Lip liner: Cherry Lip Liner from (MAC)
Lipstick: You Say Tomato (limited from MAC but you can get MAC RED) 
Gloss: Clear Lip Gloss (MAC)

Your going to have to apply concealer all over and around your lip to nude out your natural color and to avoid your lipstick from bleeding.

Then take Cherry Liner, line your lips and color in a little bit just like the picture.

Take Concealer and clean up your lips, your going to need a flat brush.

Take the brush and apply the concealer around (like picture below) your lips to clean them up and take out any imperfection.

 Then blend in the concealer, and apply the clear gloss.
You get the final look...