Thursday, October 30, 2008

Purple and Pink eye shadow tutorial

I am going to go through the steps to get the look below. You can use this look in high editorial shoots. I am going to use my products from my favorite cosmetic line, MAC. You can get bright bold colors by using their products.
Here is a list of the brushes i am going to use through out the process of this make-up application.
The paint pot below was a limited color from the Alexander McQueen launch, called electro sky but any bluish/purple eyeshadow base will work. The eye shadow to the right is called parfait amour, you can get at any MAC counter. 
The Azalea Blush is only available at the pro stores. I used this to create the blush look and blended it up towards the crease of the eye. The eye shadow is sushi flower which i used in the crease of the eye.
Vanilla Pigment is available at any MAC store. This is my favorite shadow to use as a highlight. 
Step 1:
 * Use the 242 brush
 * place the bluish/purple paint as a base on the bottom half of the lid like the picture.
Step 2:
 * Using the 227 brush 
 * pack on the purple shadow (parfait amour) over the base.
 * Using the 217 brush
 * blend the eye shadow in a circular motion to get a smooth look 
Step 3: 
* I added the brows because she had none. (sorry sister)
* using the 224 brush
* take pink shadow (sushi flower) and blend in the crease of the eye.
* Start at the corner of the eye and blend towards the inner corner of the eye. 
   (like a rainbow, look @ picture below)
Step 4:
* Using the 219 brush (pencil brush)
* Bring the pink shadow to the bottom and blend out. (very easy to do with the 219 brush)
* Use the 219 brush to add vanilla pigment in the inner corner of the eye.
    (this will really open up your eye, look at picture below)

Step 5: 
* Using the 217 brush
* take vanilla pigment and blend right below the brow line into the top of the crease. 

Step 6:
* Using 263 brush
* dip into blacktrack fluid line 
* Use the 263 angle brush to follow the lash line and get the liner look below
* fill the water line with graph black eyeliner ( this eyeliner NEVER smears)
Step 7:
* I took the Azalea blush and blended it towards the crease of the eye and brought it down to        her cheek. 
* to get the sharp line, simply hold up a piece of paper to the cheek.