Sunday, May 31, 2009

Salon Sessions shoot sneak-peak ;)

'Mannequinnesque' theme. Unedited but couldnt help to share. 

The Airborne Toxic Event

So Yesterday on the Myspace Feed series, Jordyn Taylor interviewed The Airborne Toxic Event. I did makeup for the whole band, BTW they are all hillarious, they must have such a great time on tour with each other. They put on a free show for their fans at The Echo. Check out their music here. 

Anna Bulbrook makeup done by Alana Dawn
Taping of the interview...
An Article on them in the Rolling Stones.

Lady Art Behind The Scenes

Yesterday I met up with Jordyn Taylor at the The Echo to do her makeup for the new Myspace feed series that airs every Monday on the login page of Myspace.  She is such a sweetheart!! xoxo Check her out here

Melody Ehsani's Earings

So... so many of you have been asking where I got my earings from. They are my friends company Melody Ehsani, Check her out here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Final Cut Photos of Jordyn Taylor

So I am doing a video shoot tomorrow for Jordyn Taylor... Its going to be fun I love working with her. Check her out here she gave props to Alana Dawn of Lady Art.:)

here are her final photos to Toyota/Myspace Music

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lashes as a necessity or for fun..

How to apply Fake Lashes

This is a fast and easy way to learn how to apply Fake lashes. The ones I'm wearing in the video are #3 lashes from MAC. Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Skinny in be continued

 Now you know how to slim your face with makeup, heres the skinny on the hair cut...Whether your face is round, squarish, rectangular or heart-shaped, we all subconsciously want to make our face appear oval-shaped. As a stylist in PasadenaI get this request a lot! Girls want the cut that'll make them look 'skinny'. They want the bob, but "my face is too round for that". Well, here is what I suggest for those who think they have a round face.

*Layered bangs rather than straight or heavy bangs
*Short styles which give height and length in the front
*Long Styles with long layering and soft bangs 
* Keep the sides of your hair short with a curly style.

These styles can slenderize and lengthen the neck.

Our beautiful Christina Ricci pulls off the short bob with length in the front and so does Renee Zellwegger with her long layers and soft bangs. These actress with a rounder shaped face can pull it off so can you!

Contour/Highlight Tutorial

Many of you asked how to contour your face, So here it is...

Skinny in just 5 minutes.

In the book Faces by Kevyn Acoin, He shows the points where you can highlight and contour your face. In the picture below he shows where to contour (brown lines) and where to highlight (white lines) Obviously you don't want the contour to be this dark its just showing you where to apply the shading. 



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beyonce Make-up Tutorial

Base: Rubenesque

Step 1: Apply Rubenesque all over the bottom half of your lid, for your eye shadow to last ALL day. I like to apply this with my fingers.

Eye Shadow:

Rice Paper 

Step 2: Apply Honesty Directly on top of your base using a flat brush to pack on your shadow.

Step 2: Apply Texture to the crease of your eye.  Start at the outter corner and blend in, use a 224 brush from MAC. 

Step 3: Apply Rice Paper to your brow bone. Right below your eye brows, you can use a 217 brush.

Step 4: With a small blending brush apply rice paper right below your lower lash line. 

Eye Liners: Graph Black, Boot Black from MAC

Step 5: Apply Graph Black eye liner to your water line.

Step 6: Apply Boot Black eye liner to the top of your eye, start from the end of your eye and line to the middle and then do your inner corner and line to the middle. 

Step 7: Apply your Mascara or Lashes, mine are #3 lashes from MAC

Final Look!
Video tutorial will be out next week. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do it yourself a big NO NO!!

Cutting bangs is never, ever, a do-it-yourself beauty project! In addition to the need for a certain level of skill, there are so many considerations (from hair texture to your facial features) that go into cutting bangs that it is one job that should always be left to a hair pro. Bangs, let alone botched bangs, are hard to conceal and grow out.

Bangs or Botox?

We've been seeing a lot of celebrities adding the heavy bangs in their haircut. What's our first reaction? "Only they can pull it off" "They look so hot! I cant do that" There are different types of bangs that can play well with your face shape and let you feel comfortable. Make sure you do some serious consultation with your stylist to find the perfect fringe that will flatter you.

 Why get face framing fringes? Its an automatic hairstyle.  A totally new you, a sexier more mysterious you. ;) Bangs can be a substitute for botox, hide lines or a large forehead. 

Types of Bangs

Short bangs-edgy 

angled bangs-edgy and flattering

heavy bangs-dramatic 

whispy bangs-casual, easily swept off the face

Hair Textures

best on straight or a slight wave. 

Curly, texutred hair needs more maintenance with upkeeping the style

Face Shape

on oval, long and square face  not so flattering on a rounder/fuller face 

Skin Type

Oily hair and oily skin will work against bangs. Your bangs tends to stick together from the oil and may look 'pointy'. Also you may tend to breakout on your forehead as the new bangs rests on the new territory

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tip: Cleansing


NORMAL SKIN: Creamy liquid or cream cleansers; water soluble cleansers or gentle facial soap.

DRY SKIN: Cream cleansers or very rich liquid cleansers; moisturizing , nonperfumed soap, but rinse off thoroughly. 

COMBINATION OR OILY: Light lotions or milk cleansers; medicated liquid cleansers are sometime necessary to treat severe outbreaks.

SENSITIVE SKIN: Hypoallergenic cleansers; avoid soaps

Welcome Azelle

Azelle is my partner in crime... She is an amazing hair stylist and will be part of the Lady Art team. She will be giving you all the best tips on hair and fashion!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Nights Make-Up

So obviously I love to wear bright lipstick when I go out. I took my cousins from the PI out to H Wood last night and this is what I used for my mkeup.


Base- Pink Bronze Pigment-
Crease- Swiss Chocolate
Deep Crease- Skecth
Highlight- Rice Paper

Black Track Eye Liner

Apple of cheeks- Melba
Highlight- Pink Bronze Pigment


Lipstick: Rebel
Gloss: Love Nector

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tip: Greasy Roots?

When you literally have a minute to get ready try this for greasy hair.

1. Spray your roots with aerosol hair spray, then blow dry.

2. Take blotting papers over your roots til the grease is gone.

3. You can also throw a little bit of baby powder on your roots.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tip: winged out smokey eye

to get the winged out somkey effect use your angle brush to shape your winged out shadow, then take your smudge brush a 219 from MAC and blend out wards. Don't forget to blend black shadow below your bottom lash line .

Sunday, May 10, 2009


 To all you moms! Happy Mothers Day, I now know all the hard work and energy it takes to be a mother but its worth every single minute (even the long nights). Elijah and Kaizen I love you!  Thank You for being such amazing sons. 

Now all you moms take the day off! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Get Your Make-up and Hair done.

Get your make-up and hair done for PROM or any special occassion.

Get your make-up and hair done for PROM or any special occassion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunny, Make-up and Hair by me... Alana Dawn

upcoming tutorial

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Petra Alexandra