Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smokey eye

Dark smokey eye I just did last thursday for another bikini contest. 

MAC products

base: painterly 

bottom lid and highlight: your lady ship pigment (limited) you can use naked pigment, or vanilla shadow

deep crease: Carbon

crease: ( all the way to the middle) Sketch

top crease: (slightly above sketch): swiss chocolate

eye liner: black track w/ an angle brush


Pink bronze for your high light (cheek bones) - its a pigment from MAC

Apples of cheeks- Melba


 lip liner - Subculture
 lip stick-  40's pink- matene 
 Gloss- oyster girl 

1 comment:

Hollywood1983 said...

I Love you Alana Dawn! You are amazing...and Oyster Girl is the best it works for just about anyone. Love, Ballz