Monday, August 31, 2009


We are so excited for our girls Laura and Ashley. They made it to Kanyes Blog!!! YAY check it out here.

Melody Ehsani Look Book 2009

We worked on Melody Ehsani's Look Book ALL day yesterday, of course it was so much fun, what better than to spend a day with your friends and doing what you love, These pictures have not been touched up at all so ill be posting up the final pics. 

Linus Shentu- Photographer, Lady Art - Hair (AzelleStyles) /Makeup (AlanaDawn), Xian Model

Friday, August 28, 2009

Melody Ehsani on Keri Hilson

Check out our girl Melody on!

Jordyn Taylor Color Combo


Base: Rubenesque paint pot
Lower lid: Amber lights
Crease: Twinks / Sketch
Deep Crease: Carbon
Highlight: Ricepaper

Eyeliner: smolder smeared w/ a 219 brush


Highlight: Margin
Apples: Melba 


Liner: Cranapple creme stick
Lipglass: Pink Poodle (a tiny bit) 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School Makeup

I did this tutorial a few months back but its a quick easy way to do your makeup for school everyday. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


THE LOOK BOOK IS UP! LADYART sent our girl Courtney out to get this shoot done, Courtney is a dear friend from our MAC days, she is an amazing makeup artist now in New York, This shoot was done for DimePiece. As always they did an amazing photo shoot. For more photos click here.

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics

MY good friend Jae-R (MAC PRO STORE artist South Coast Plaza, visit him!) went to Hawaii for this MAC event. He was chosen to be one of the people to body paint for this event. I wish I could have seen it live, such an amazing experience. Jae-R and a few other amazing makeup artist from MAC did this amazing piece below. 

They body painted the 2 girls into the picture of the face. CRAZY!

This was another piece that was part of the event. It looks like a painting!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Smooth like a babys bottom

I am an addict to lotion. I hate having dry skin. A lotion connoisseur? 

A few weeks back I came across miracle lotion. Its called Hawaiian Moon Aloe. It caught my attention when I found out it's made with 'all natural ingredients', the first on the list is organic aloe (a natural healer).  Then reading what it was supposed to do besides heal dry skin, I was in awe. Acne, rashes, bee stings, bruises, sunburn, psoriaisis, eczema, razor more! Lastly, it absorbs 7 layers deep into your skin. 

I know I am easily sold, on almost anything (infomercials are my frenemy), but I had to give it a try. It is a little pricey for normal grocery brand lotion but I did it and gave in.

And I just want to share that I LOVE IT! It honestly feels like nothing at first, non greasy at all and I am used to Palmers cocobutter which is total opposite. The consistency is in between gel and lotion. It was a little weird getting used to the lotion just absorbed right in to your skin, but when I started noticing that my skin has gotten super soft, I was loving it. I am going to keep using it to test out if it does improve other symptoms it claims to heal..

Check it out on Hawaiian Moon Aloe

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blush For Your Skin Tone

"What shade of Blush is Best for my Skin Tone?"

Pale Skin Tones: light pinks, beige, and apricot. Any darker it will be too strong for you face.

Golden Yellow Undertone: counter balance your natural tone with warmer coral color tones.

Rosy Pink Undertone: Try not to use red tones, it will bring your out your natural tone and be too red, contrast with apricot colors

Olive Skin Tone:  Pinks or Peaches with a gold undertone

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vestal AD with Amanda Blank

Here is the Finally ad for Vestal Watch, Which I did the makeup for a couple weeks ago, Astrid did the Styling. Below is from Vestal Watch Check them out!


Vestal is proud to announce Amanda Blank as the newest member of the "Vestal Featured Artist" Family.

There's a small list of artists that can sing, rap, write sophisticated pop songs and perform everything with irresistible charisma. The list of female performers that can do all of that is even smaller and Amanda Blank is skyrocketing to the top of that list. Amanda Blank is a woman making listeners take notice of her unique voice, while using various genres and styles as vehicles toward unhindered self-expression.

Amanda joins Peaches, Eagles of Death MetalBlack LipsMSTRKRFTShiny Toy Guns, Justin Pearson & Valient Thorr as the newest member of the "Vestal Featured Artist" Family.

For more information visit & click HERE to purchase her newly released album "I Love You" (Downtown Records) on iTunes. Be sure to also visit to see the music video for Amanda's first single "Might Like You Better."

About Amanda Blank:

Philadelphia born and bred, Amanda and her older sisters were raised in a row house in Germantown by artist ex-hippie parents. She quickly learned the value of individuality and the need for outspokenness. A quick glimpse at her interests conveys the dynamic nature of Amanda’s character, ranging from the radically raw to the sentimentally sweet. From her tastes in music (My Bloody Valentine, Man Man, Santigold, Antony and the Johnsons) to visual art (Jayson Musson, Aubrey Beardsley) to fashion (Ny Chorm), she gravitates from the sensual and shocking to the fun and absurdist.

Blank is a member of a loose collective of musicians that includes Spank Rock, Santigold, and Diplo. She takes the influences of 90’s R&B, 80’s dance, indie, new wave and brit pop and weaves them into her own double dutch, defiantly taking the rope out of the hands of haters and then hanging them with it. Whether set against a pastiche of club beats or with her stadium rock group Sweatheart, her voice is undeniably her own. 

Amanda took the world by storm with her contribution to the track “Bump” from Spank Rock’s 2006 breakout album (and Radiohead favorite) YoYoYoYoYo. Her verse is a serious exercise in lyrical acrobatics as she effortlessly runs circles around the beat. She’s just as at home collaborating with Ghostface Killah and M.I.A. as she is with Britney Spearson Eli Escobar and Doug Grayson’s remix of the hit single “Gimme More”. Her songs have appeared on the HBO series Life Support and Entourage as well as CBS television’s CSI:NY. Blank signed to Downtown Records in 2007 and released her debut, I Love You, on July 14, 2009. Amanda Blank is poised to take the pretty-people party national. –URB Magazine 

About Vestal:

Vestal collections are watches, softgoods & accessories that fine-tune style and expression for the musically inspired individual. Established in 1997, Vestal is marketed and branded through our friends, musicians, artists, and athletes who are immersed within music culture. Vestal can be found in specialty stores and finer boutiques in more than forty countries around the world


Hey Guys... I've been a little off track been stuck on NEW MOON! 
AWW and  I cant get out of it, I dream of what is going to happen next!!! 
Is that normal?? I know you guys have been there right??? lol 

I've been working on new material, I've gotten a lot of requests so I have have my work to do! :)Im trying to get to all of your requests. 



Thursday, August 20, 2009




Say hello to Tiffany Reyes

She was a bit hesitant to do 2 things: go lighter and the full, sexy bangs.

I just said let's do it! She has a light skin tone to go light and why not with the bangs? She can try it out since they aren't too short and can still sweep to the side.

Say hello to ootiffoo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Tip: Get Rid of Tan Streaks

"Whats a good way to remove fake tan streaks?"

Have you ever used a quick tanning lotion to make your legs look tanner in five minutes and then found them to be uneven, and couldn't get the color off ???

  Well here is an easy way to even out those fake streaks... Mix some Lemon Juice and Salt together and use a loofah Sponge to rub the streaky area.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Tip: Want Fuller Lips Like Angelina Jolie???

" How can I get my lips looking fuller, instantly?"

Grab some peppermint oil and add a few drops to your everyday lip gloss,  your lips will be plumper in just seconds. 

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

  Have you ever spent days looking for the perfect sunglasses for your face? You see someone in a pair of sunglasses that are SO CUTE, your super excited to go to the mall and grab the same pair, to only try them on and hate the way they look on your face... Well, here are some guidelines when your looking for sunglasses.

For a round face, square shape sunglasses look best.
For a square shaped face, Round sunglasses look best.

For a long narrow face, Oval shape sunglasses look best.

If you have a long nose you want to stay away from aviator style sunglasses.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I just found these pictures in a Makeup Artist Magazine. Makeup artist Sarah Terry, Photographer Rebecca Parkes, Hairstylist Sean Butt and Designer Bibian Blue all collaborated to create a dark version of Alice in Wonderland. I would love to do a shoot like this with my own version of Alice in Wonderland. 

Make up Trends for Autumn Winter 2009

Beauty tips

1. Your skin can renew itself more effectively at night than during the day so make sure to keep your face well moisturized especially before bed.

2. To get rid of spots on your face use lavender or tea tree oil on those spots with a cotton swab.  

3. To get instant radiant, glowing skin you can use a luminous moisturizer, my favorite is strobe creme from MAC. 

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jordyn Taylor

Eyes all MAC products

Beiging shade stick from MAC, all over the lid

Lower lid: Retrospeck
Crease: Remotely grey
Deep Crease: Carbon
Highlight: Vanilla

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amanda Blank Video "Might Like You Better"

   I've worked with Amanda Blank twice this week so its only natural that I would share her video with you all. War paint, black lipstick! love it.  Get her album "I love You" sold on itunes.

MAC cosmetics Style Back Collection

MAC cosmetics has done it again! a whole new collection that everyone cant wait for, BLACK,BLACK, BLACK everything and... Volcanic ash is going to be released with this collection, that was my favorite exfoliating wash and Im so exited they are relaunching it. The collection will be launched on September 24, 2009.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KAT VON D Tatoo Concealer

     Kat Von D has released tattoo concealers available now at  Sephora . 

Above are her ad campaigns for her new collection. But below are some pictures before the photos were airbrushed. As you can see you can tell where the tattoos were covered but the thing about covering tattoos is that its hard to find a concealer that is thick enough to cover them. Kat Von D did just that, In the photos below you just need a little foundation and some blending and they would be all good. I am getting mine today.  

Amanda Blanks Makeup

     I had another shoot with Amanda Blank yesterday, She is super sweet. I found out we know a bunch of the same people. Such a small world!  Anyway here are a couple pics below.

   The picture above was the inspiration of how the makeup should have been done for her photo shoot, Astrid sent this picture over to me, she told me to look for some more but I couldn't find anything better than this.

    A defined line across her crease, winged out liner, blue eye shadow, red lip pencil, slightly colored in the lips, MOLE and to top it off some lashes I found downtown with Azelle, with gold corners! I think I got the look... SHE LOVED IT!

To get the full effect we teased her hair super super big!