Monday, August 24, 2009

Smooth like a babys bottom

I am an addict to lotion. I hate having dry skin. A lotion connoisseur? 

A few weeks back I came across miracle lotion. Its called Hawaiian Moon Aloe. It caught my attention when I found out it's made with 'all natural ingredients', the first on the list is organic aloe (a natural healer).  Then reading what it was supposed to do besides heal dry skin, I was in awe. Acne, rashes, bee stings, bruises, sunburn, psoriaisis, eczema, razor more! Lastly, it absorbs 7 layers deep into your skin. 

I know I am easily sold, on almost anything (infomercials are my frenemy), but I had to give it a try. It is a little pricey for normal grocery brand lotion but I did it and gave in.

And I just want to share that I LOVE IT! It honestly feels like nothing at first, non greasy at all and I am used to Palmers cocobutter which is total opposite. The consistency is in between gel and lotion. It was a little weird getting used to the lotion just absorbed right in to your skin, but when I started noticing that my skin has gotten super soft, I was loving it. I am going to keep using it to test out if it does improve other symptoms it claims to heal..

Check it out on Hawaiian Moon Aloe

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