Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amanda Blanks Makeup

     I had another shoot with Amanda Blank yesterday, She is super sweet. I found out we know a bunch of the same people. Such a small world!  Anyway here are a couple pics below.

   The picture above was the inspiration of how the makeup should have been done for her photo shoot, Astrid sent this picture over to me, she told me to look for some more but I couldn't find anything better than this.

    A defined line across her crease, winged out liner, blue eye shadow, red lip pencil, slightly colored in the lips, MOLE and to top it off some lashes I found downtown with Azelle, with gold corners! I think I got the look... SHE LOVED IT!

To get the full effect we teased her hair super super big!

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Anonymous said...

where r jordyn taylor pix from the sean paul interview?