Monday, August 10, 2009

Amanda Blank

My girl Astrid (stylist) called me to help her out with Amanda Blanks photo shoot yesterday for Vestal watches. We met at the detroit bar, and Astrid, Amanda and Caesar showed up in their classy Limo, haha it was pretty funny. Astrid unpacked all the clothes that were going to be used for the shoot and I couldn't believe the items she had, where does she find this stuff??? They were amazing! If any of you know Astrid you all know that she has the dopest style. 

     Astrid and I use to go out all the time, back in the day when Nacional on a friday was cool, is nacional still open? Anyway when Astrid came in she ALWAYS had something crazy on, things that people would never be able to pull off but she did so its only natural that she would be an amazing stylist. Anyway I have some pictures of the items she used on Amanda. 

 Amanda is hilarious, her energy was great, even tho she has been on tour for 4 months with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and probably has not slept in days. I asked her how her show went at HARD and she told me that the fire marshals shut the whole thing down, WHAT!!! Can you believe that??? they had to kick 20,000 people out and give no one refunds all because there were kids that were jumping off these towers, ugh! that would make me so angry! these kids ruin it for the thousands of people that spent money on tickets. Anyway she said that these kids put a warehouse party together in a couple hours and she got to perform there. 

  So anyway she wanted crazy crazy makeup Long lashes top and bottom, winged out liner, white shadow, with a hint of reflects glitter from MAC, and of coarse my specialty, bright lips... She loved loved loved her make up, She said that if she could do her makeup on tour anyway it would be the way I did it for the shoot. Im meeting with her on tuesday to do another one of her shoots. ! YAY!

Her Album "I love you" just came out buy it from itunes!

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