Friday, July 31, 2009

Behind the scenes of Ashley Tisdale shoot

Ashley Tisdale

Another shoot I got to work on.

The MySpace Music Feed: Ashley Tisdale and Daughtry


Thursday, July 30, 2009


     LADY ART has sent out our girl, amazing makeup artist Courtney Perkins to do makeup for Cassie's DIMEPIECE shoot for their next look book, Electro Love. Stay tuned for behind the scenes. 


Smashbox studio x KID WHISKEY

Last Sunday, the 26th I helped a coworker and creative director for "KID WHISKEY Band" shoot at the smashbox studio.

Guys in the band were so fun. Drinking whiskey on set, is that how they got they're name? Ryan Crosby "Baggins" on guitar, vox=================== Neal Richter Dr. on the Ums================= Mike Meeker on the Low====================== Robbie "BagginBall Z" Pugliese the Other Guitar (O.G)

btw: I want my own personal smashbox studio in my backyard. It was the biggest skateboard ramp I've ever seen. So clean and super white you didn't want to step on it.

Just wanted to give some credit to Joseph Renee, creative director/hairstylist
and Stephanie for styling the guys.

check them out: Kid Whiskey

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need these in my life.

Miss Melody Ehsani

Tag Body Spray Event July 28th 2009

Epiphany Media llc called me awhile back to help them out with their party at The London Hotel to Launch Tag Body Spray Signature Series. Again, They never do anything half ass, They had us paint 6 girls all Metallic with TAG stenciled all around their body, The metallic hair didn't turn out how we wanted so stylist, Mariel Haenn worked her magic and got the wigs there just in time, the models were walking out the door to go to the roof top. She is amazing!

There were 10 other girls that needed hair and makeup done and LADY ART (Azelle Styles and Alana Dawn)worked our magic to get them done in 2 hours (full hair and makeup) and YES they looked amazing, All the girls styled by Mariel Haenn, Jewelry done by of course my girl Melody Ehsani, They couldn't look better.

But LADY ART couldn't have done it without our AMAZING assistants Cherlyn Mae Farol , Kristina Negrete, Lisa Young, and my sister Tara Arrieta. Thank You girls so much for your hard work!

Thank you Epiphany Media! we love you!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Pepsi Slam Dunk Party at The London Hotel

Epiphany Media did an amazing job putting together the Pepsi Slam Dunk Party, it was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and there was a special performance by Mos Def. 

Kev, Jihaad, and Arsen
Me and Kev


Friday, July 24, 2009

MAC Cosmetics chose Lady Art as a FAVORITE Video!

I got a message this morning from MAC Cosmetic's YOUTUBE. They are Featuring my Rihanna Video on their favorites list. Check it out here

Mac Cosmetics: Flirt with Fall

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melody Ehsani's New Pieces

Mel and her team have been working really hard! We love her new pieces. Check more of Mel out here. 

Love for Mel!

Check us out on my girl Melody Ehsani's blog picture here

Aqua Blue Tutorial

I made his video awhile back, but I am getting a lot of request for a blue eye shadow tutorial. You can check out more of our tutorials on

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair diet

For healthy, shiny, long hair:

At an average, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. So in a year that's about 6 inches. Think of all that your hair has gone through (heat, environment, washing, brushing..) Take care of your hair, it is not going to grow rapidly over night but you can assist in the growth process.

Since your hair is made up of almost 90% protein, keeping that in our diet will help keep hair healthy. Even though, hair is considered dead protein out of the scalp, you can still help in a healthy growth.

What is good for your body is good for your hair!

A lack of protein in our diet can cause thinning of hair and a slow down in the growth cycle. Goes the other way around as well. A protein rich diet will result in improved hair growth.
Good food sources that contain protein are :fish, eggs, beans, yogurt and soy.  Soy not only strengthens hair, but helps it grow.

Vitamins and minerals are a major role in healthy hair too! Include these supplements:

Take care of yourself and your hair!

Lindsey Lohan Photoshoot as Marilyn Monroe

Lindsey Lohan has done yet another photoshoot as Marilyn Monroe. Check out more info here.

Victoria Beckham

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes thats me!

 Well I was very excited when my friend Kristina text me this morning and told me that I was on the banner on the login page of Myspace. I thought it was just the makeup that I did on Jordyn but it actually is me doing her makeup on set of the Demi Lovato interview. haha! I know you can't even see my face but I get excited about little things. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mehron Silver Body Paint

I took a trip to Naimies in North Hollywood, and bought silver body 
paint (Mehron liquid and silver powder) for an event that we are 
doing next week. I was very surprised with how it turned out 
(picture above), you really look like the Tin Man with this all over 
your body, I'm very excited to see the end result on all the models.
 I  will post the pictures after we do the event :)

The Many Uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda can be used for:

1. Can be used to brush your teeth, it will help whiten them.
2. Apply it as a paste on a pimple overnight, to dry it out.    
3. Massage through dry hair to get rid of built up styling products.
4. Rub on flaky elbows and knees to soften them. 
5. Use as an exfoliate on your face.

Jordyn Taylors makeup

Base: Shimmersand shadestick from MAC
    apply this all over your lid. 

Eye shadow base: Pink Bronze Pigment MAC ( pink/copper)
Crease: Sketch (deep maroon)
Deep Crease: Carbon (matte black)
Highlight: Motif MAC (olden pink)

Eyeliner: Blacktrack

lashes: Individuals

Cheeks: Refined Golden Bronzer, with Pink bronze pigment highlight (copper pink)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stretch your Mani Pedi's

Stretch Your Manicures and Pedicures:

2 week manicures:

 Apply a strengthening top coat every 2 days after your manicure, helps from chipping and allows your manicure to last longer. 

Month long pedicures:

 Apply an extra clear coat of polish every 4 days after your pedicure.  

Say hello to KrystalBee!

What a fun client by the way! So glad to have met her!

 So....after some hardcore debating, she decides to take a step away from black over black. Looked good on her but most people that have been dying their hair black , want to change  but are scared. They keep the black  for a couple reasons. 
1. its easy(comfort)
2. brings out features
3. and have probably gotten denied by a stylist to change it because of the dramatic work.

When Krystal came in, I had to really listen to what she was saying. From black to any color, even dark brown, may be too dramatic of a change, so you have to be careful. Getting a desired result can happen in a day, but may take FOREVER and be damaging. So we took a break in between process. After it was all done, I highly recommended for her to come in for a treatment to keep her hair healthy and check out the tone of her lightness.

"My hair has been black pretty much all my life and going from black to brown was a big change for me. I was always skeptical about doing it because after dying my hair black for so many years I knew it was going to be hard to get all the color out. I had gone to places and other hair stylists before that refused to do it because they would have to bleach my hair to get the color out and then dye it which takes a toll on your hair. When i met with Azelle she knew exactly what to do to my hair to get me the brown I wanted as well as keep it as healthy as possible. Once i was there i talked myself into getting bangs because I wanted a change and Azelle is magic with the scissors. I am satisfied with my new cut and color. :)" Krystal Guzman

Say hello to her on Twitter

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Tip: Weak Nails

Strengthen nails by soaking them in warm olive oil for ten minutes every other day.

Halle Beautiful Berry

A couple months back she got her hair cut, back to the short pixie cut. I just wanted to share that I love it on her! 

I think she is one of the most beautiful woman and can wear her hair short or long. But I have always thought the short pixie cut suits her the best! Very liberating and totally fits her face, style and everything.

One of the owners of my salon, Neeko, cut her original short pixie cut and she came back to him again for another short cut.

She's back!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eye Brow Tutorial; Updated with video.

Hey guys a lot of you have been asking for me to do a video with my eyebrow tutorial. I updated my video on you tube and added a video showing you step by step how to shade in your brows. Enjoy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip to Cow Town

On Friday we were up in Fresno for another Myspace Music Feed Episode, Jordyn got to interview Demi Lovato. She did great! Below are a couple pictures of our short trip to Fresno, including her makeup.


Cream base: Black MAC pro stores only (any dark brown or black base)

Eye shadow
Bottom lid: Maroon Pigment MAC all over (shimmer maroon)
Crease: Swiss Chocolate MAC (plum brown)
Highlight: Ricepaper MAC (off white shimmer)

Eyeliner: Teddy MAC (smear with a 219 brush for a smokey look)

Cheeks: Refined Golden Bronzer MAC

Lips: 40's Pink (MAC)
gloss: Oyster Girl MAC (light pink)

Another Myspace Music Feed Episode 8

The MySpace Music Feed: The Fray and Brad Paisely

The Fray covers Kanye West Heartless...

Saturday, July 11, 2009



The ladies from GIGI, Glory V and Isis Nicole ( who writes for M.I.S.S.) contacted Azelle and I for a little Q & A. Check it out here

Friday, July 10, 2009

Megan Fox Cover of Elle Magazine

No doubt that Megan Fox is one of the prettiest ladies on the Planet. If you want to try to make your eyes pop just like hers here it is. Her make up on Elles Cover for June.


Her brows are shaded dark which helps her gorgeous blue eyes pop.


Even tho the picture is black and white I have an idea of the colors they use. For the base I would use a copper gold, like Amber lights from MAC, it has an orange undertone which will help her blue eyes stand out even more. Then she does the cat eye eyeliner, and smokey liner below her lower lid.

Bottom lid: Amber Lights
Crease: Texture
HighLight: Motif

top eyeliner- black track, slightly winged out
bottom liner- smolder (deepest black liner), smeared with a 219 pencil brush, and slightly brush sketch (burgundy shadow) to soften the black liner.

Cheeks: focus on the contour to give you higher cheek bones

Lips: Keep them nude

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Say hello to Miss Heidi Holiday

Love her name btw. Very pin-upy, seductress singer type, sex kitten.

Besides her name we love her platinum blonde

Being a blonde is very high maintenance. Decolorizing your hair, artificial or natural, opens up your cuticle fully and eats out all that color. Now, your hair cuticle is wide open and very vulnerable to breakage. In this case, I highly recommend always doing a hair treatment after highlighting/bleaching/chemical processing. Kerastase vita ciment has a great treatment that puts back natural protein in the hair. 

In order for miss Heidi Holiday to keep her blonde fresh she always treats it right!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Behind the scenes with Jordyn Taylor and Jay boogie

Were on Episode 8 already! here are a couple pics.

Eye Shadow Base: Cash Flow (gloden tint)

base: Goldmine MAC (gold)
Outter corner: golden olive pigment MAC (olive green w/ a gold undertone)
Crease:  Texture MAC (soft brown)
HighLight: Motif MAC (light gold)


Angel Lipstick MAC- light pink
Oyster Girl lipglass MAC- light pink