Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smashbox studio x KID WHISKEY

Last Sunday, the 26th I helped a coworker and creative director for "KID WHISKEY Band" shoot at the smashbox studio.

Guys in the band were so fun. Drinking whiskey on set, is that how they got they're name? Ryan Crosby "Baggins" on guitar, vox=================== Neal Richter Dr. on the Ums================= Mike Meeker on the Low====================== Robbie "BagginBall Z" Pugliese the Other Guitar (O.G)

btw: I want my own personal smashbox studio in my backyard. It was the biggest skateboard ramp I've ever seen. So clean and super white you didn't want to step on it.

Just wanted to give some credit to Joseph Renee, creative director/hairstylist
and Stephanie for styling the guys.

check them out: Kid Whiskey

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