Thursday, July 16, 2009

Say hello to KrystalBee!

What a fun client by the way! So glad to have met her!

 So....after some hardcore debating, she decides to take a step away from black over black. Looked good on her but most people that have been dying their hair black , want to change  but are scared. They keep the black  for a couple reasons. 
1. its easy(comfort)
2. brings out features
3. and have probably gotten denied by a stylist to change it because of the dramatic work.

When Krystal came in, I had to really listen to what she was saying. From black to any color, even dark brown, may be too dramatic of a change, so you have to be careful. Getting a desired result can happen in a day, but may take FOREVER and be damaging. So we took a break in between process. After it was all done, I highly recommended for her to come in for a treatment to keep her hair healthy and check out the tone of her lightness.

"My hair has been black pretty much all my life and going from black to brown was a big change for me. I was always skeptical about doing it because after dying my hair black for so many years I knew it was going to be hard to get all the color out. I had gone to places and other hair stylists before that refused to do it because they would have to bleach my hair to get the color out and then dye it which takes a toll on your hair. When i met with Azelle she knew exactly what to do to my hair to get me the brown I wanted as well as keep it as healthy as possible. Once i was there i talked myself into getting bangs because I wanted a change and Azelle is magic with the scissors. I am satisfied with my new cut and color. :)" Krystal Guzman

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