Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Natural Treatments for Dry Hair


If your hair is starting to feel dry and lack of color/shine do an easy at home hair treatment. Use regular mayonnaise, most cholesterol hair treatments, aka mayonnaise in hair stores, have alcohol.

Ingredients in at home mayonnaise are:

whole egg protein: an important source of necessary minerals, vitamins and protein

nettle: a natural source of VitaminA and silica used to strengthen the hair and stimulate the scalp

Safflower Oil: vital source of essential fatty acids that have moisturizing effects on the skin and hair

Soybeans: vital souraces of essential fatty acids that have moisturizing effects on the skin and hair

Amino Acids: provides herbal infusion of organic sulfur and keratin, a vital key to maintaining strong healthy hair

I was super curious about this one day and tried it out. Didn't even have to step outside and do a quick run to Ralphs for it. From my personal experience, to make it easier for you,

1. put some mayo in a separate container

2. comb your hair out, easier with no tangles

3. apply in sections, from scalp, roots, to ends and use your hands for absolute application. i like feeling the product in my hand and onto my hair so i know its fully saturated. 

4. clip up and put a shower cap on 

5. soak a medium sized towel and heat it for 2-3 minutes and wrap around your head for about 8-10 minutes

6. rinse thoroughly with warm water

Honestly, it wont feel like conditioner in your hair when you rinse out. Conditioners have silicone so it smoothes your hair. Cholesterol has natural ingredients to moisturize your hair.

***If your hair is extremely dry from chemical treatment, you can do this once a week. If you have a more oily scalp, just apply mayo to hair ends.

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