Friday, July 17, 2009

Mehron Silver Body Paint

I took a trip to Naimies in North Hollywood, and bought silver body 
paint (Mehron liquid and silver powder) for an event that we are 
doing next week. I was very surprised with how it turned out 
(picture above), you really look like the Tin Man with this all over 
your body, I'm very excited to see the end result on all the models.
 I  will post the pictures after we do the event :)


Chelsea said...

Hi I am interested in painting my body with Mehrons silver body paint.
If i use one of these
1 oz bottles with the mixing liquid, will it cover my entire body? Thanks

AlanaDawn LA said...

Yes one of those actually would cover about 2 bodies :)

francisco said...

hi.. i know this is gonna sound weird.. but would one ounce really be enough to cover a full sized frat boy?