Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bangs or Botox?

We've been seeing a lot of celebrities adding the heavy bangs in their haircut. What's our first reaction? "Only they can pull it off" "They look so hot! I cant do that" There are different types of bangs that can play well with your face shape and let you feel comfortable. Make sure you do some serious consultation with your stylist to find the perfect fringe that will flatter you.

 Why get face framing fringes? Its an automatic hairstyle.  A totally new you, a sexier more mysterious you. ;) Bangs can be a substitute for botox, hide lines or a large forehead. 

Types of Bangs

Short bangs-edgy 

angled bangs-edgy and flattering

heavy bangs-dramatic 

whispy bangs-casual, easily swept off the face

Hair Textures

best on straight or a slight wave. 

Curly, texutred hair needs more maintenance with upkeeping the style

Face Shape

on oval, long and square face  not so flattering on a rounder/fuller face 

Skin Type

Oily hair and oily skin will work against bangs. Your bangs tends to stick together from the oil and may look 'pointy'. Also you may tend to breakout on your forehead as the new bangs rests on the new territory

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