Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say hello to Laura Dimes

Soooo we finally did it... For a while I have been experimenting with one of my ever evolving- chameleon like client. Mostly with color, and subtly on the cut. Only because she has always had long hair, and for most girls it is a major attachment. And a trim means pretty much "can you just air trim it?" She has mentioned before just to cut it all off but I was super hesitant, I do not want to be the blame that occurs after someone decides to spontaneously go short. It is an emotional rollercoaster. 

So the reason why I decided to cut it all off? Well it has been a little over a year since she has mentioned several times to cut it off, so that tells me she has been "emotionally ready" and has probably been imagining herself with short cuts for a while. And also, it was for her 23rd bday!

I personally think it totally suits her.. a great way to start all over..and can help define your personal identity

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