Thursday, June 18, 2009

Volumizing Hair Products

Anonymous asked: 

what are the best volumizing products and tools to give straight, thin and asian hair a lasting boost throughout the day?

Well it really starts in the shower. Prepping your hair can help a lot for your style throughout the day. 

1. Use volumizing shampoo/conditioner. It will get soaked up with your hair and each cuticle can plump up a little, nothing too dramatic of a change though.

2. I love Bumble n Bumble Thickening spray! Great for thin and thick hair! Works with heat and also acts as a structurizer to help hold style. Spray as much as you want and it will never feel like you have too much product. Roots to ends application.

3. When blowdrying your hair, comb everything forward from the crown to your face. This will give it a nice little lift. Make sure roots are completely dry! Dont mistake your hair for being dry when its hot, if it is hot, it will dry flat. Then dry ends as well.

4. Another product I love is Big Sexy Hair Dry Volumizing spray. Really gives hair a nice lift and texture. Great for the 2nd day look to absorb oil.

Thank you Anonymous for your question, let us know how this worked for you. 


Anonymous said...

thank you! i'm going to pick up the thickening hairspray from a salon near me asap :)

also, thanks for also recommending the dry shampoo to use on the "2nd day" because i have a tendency of washing my hair everyday :| (i know! i know, not good at all! LOL) i just feel really gross if i don't and my hair is really long, just a couple of inches away from my bum.

i'll let u know how this combo works out for me :)

your advice is much appreciated,
Jessica from Toronto

AzelleStyles said...

hey Jessica from Toronto!

yes we would love to hear how this works for you. im glad you mentioned your hair is lonnngg! well that will weigh down volume. So if you want to keep your long hair, I would suggest to add some fun layers for movement and volume.