Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Makeup By LADYART -Micoley

Micole came to me to get her makeup done for her graduation. She is only 16 and is graduating high school! Congrats to her.

NOTE: you don't have to use MAC shadows, find shadows that are similar in color and you can use those. 


Start with a primer then apply your foundation in a circular motion around your face to even out you skin .


Base: I used cash flow from MAC but you can use any golden undertone base.
Lower lid- naked pigment
Crease:carbon/sketch mixed both together to give it a softer look
Highlight: Naked pigment (MAC) 


 Apples of cheek- Peaches (any peachy matte color)
 Cheek bone- a shimmer bronzer

 Lipstick- Brew ( any nude)
 Gloss- Oyster Girl ( soft nude pink)

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