Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer "down-do"

-For this look its best when your hair is not super polished. Probably the 'next day' look is best. ;)

-Medium to long hair is perfect. 

-Take random vertical sections wrap it around a curling iron, you don't need to use the clamp to open and close, just make sure it is fully heated.

-Or, an alternate is do random braids throughout your head the night before, on wet hair. The next day you get a more natural, soft looking waves.

-Lastly, from a center part, take about a good 2 pinches of hair on each side of the part and braid back, or simply bring back and tie together.

-Add a little serum through out ends and hairspray for a more polished look.

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Kissandtell said...

I love this look! Thanks for the tips