Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to Wash Your Hair

There's a right way to washing our hair? But we've been doing it all our lives? I'm sure you get it as clean as possible but here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid breakage and over producing oil

1. Try to wash your hair every other day.
 This keeps a good amount of your natural oils and doesn't over dry your hair. If you have an overly oily scalp, and you know this bc by the next day your heads a grease ball, spray some dry shampoo. I love Big Sexy Hairs Volumizing Dry Shampoo. I would not recommend to wash your hair everyday, this will strip all your natural oils and your scalp is going to assume its too dry and produce more oil!

2. Before stepping in the shower, comb your hair.
This should take 2 seconds to take out the tangles and loosen up some dry skin (aka dandruff)

3. Now soak your hair
Warm water bc we would not want to jump into ice cold water and this can also help loosen up dirt and  product buildup

4. Apply your Shampoo
To your scalp first bc the Shampoos job is to get rid of dirt and most of it is in your scalp. You can create breakage and dry out your hair if you apply to ends first.
You would normally shampoo twice. First is to loosen dirt, second is rinse it out clean and treats the hair with the shampoo purpose
Rinse Thoroughly and wring excess water out

5. Then your Conditioner
I would recommend to the mid-shaft and ends first then the scalp. Especially for oily hair. This will help with tangles. Leave on for a good 2-5 minutes for that extra deep conditioning.

Rinse Thoroughly again.

***optional and also highly recommended!** Do a cool to cold rinse. Just like a toner to the face to close pores, this will seal the cuticle, give it a nice shine and help preserve hair color.

Seems a little time consuming but taking care of our hair starts in the shower first!

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Kasinee said...

great tips. thanks azelle!