Wednesday, March 11, 2009


1. Your face must be clean, moisturized, and powdered.  (if you don't wear powder, make sure your skin is not oily) 

2. Your brushes must be clean, If your brushes are not clean you might be applying bacteria to your face, clean your brushes with something gentle, baby wipes, or MAC has some brush cleaner for only $10.

3. For a nice smooth effect, use a high light on your cheek bones. I like to use vanilla pigment from MAC. 

4. Apply color to the apples of the check and brush only in one direction, if you go back and fourth, or around in circles with your brush the application wont be as smooth and it can also ruin your brush.

5. For mature skin use a cream blush, if you use powder blushes it may just give your wrinkles more attention. 

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