Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Covering up dark under eye circles

This is something that I do to every client of mine, I cover up their dark circles. The 3 products up top are the only things you need to get the right coverage. Fast Response, Studio Finish Concealer, and Mineralize Skin Finish Powder.

1st you want to start by apply the Fast Response all over your eye lid. This will smooth the area out so it doesn't look too cakey.

2ND you want to apply a studio finish concealer (this is a full coverage concealer), I prefer to use an NW, it has a pink undertone which will cancel out the dark circles under your eyes.

Last you want to set it with mineralize skin finish powder, it wont make your under eyes look packed with make-up. It gives you a satin finish. You'll notice the difference if you try to use studio fix powder instead.

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